Crane and Turtle / Core concept of Japan / Amatsu and Kunitsu

Crane and Turtle. 
The combination is called "Tsuru-Kame" and known as a good luck symbol.
Because one couple of crane love each other for a long time,
and turtles live long.
So, many Japanese buy Tsuru-kame gift for a happy event like a grandparents day or wedding.(Photos)

There are other important, secret hints in the sign.
These are very core of Japan.
Tsuru-Kame represents two opposite things that create new in the future.
Yin and yang / Wife and husband / Japanese and Jewish / Settlement and Wandering / Worship and money economy

Further more, Jewish are roughly divided into two groups.
One group is for true worship. This group helped and protected Japan after WW2.
Japan and Douglas MacArthur / 1945 / Shinto

The other group is for economic/war business.
Many fake Jewish, Jewish traitors and being deceived Jewish in the group.
It is a very complicated situation for people in Israel.
Japan has almost the same nightmare.
Many non-Japanese are pretending as Japanese and abuse privilege for money.
They are abusing Japan and helping own countries. (China and Korea)

Let's get back on track.
Crane and turtle.
Most important thing is two groups in Japan's God world that guards Japan.
Super ancient times, there was a slight conflict between two groups.
Mars derived Amatsu group and Earth derived Kunitsu.
Crane of high sky world (Space, Heaven)
Turtle of deep sea world (Underground world of inside of Earth)

Japan's myth Kojiki includes true history of Genesis but was written like metaphor or fairy tale.
⇒ True Genesis / DNA operation by moon / Adam and Eva
Earth origin leader of nature worship needed to abdicate the throne.
Because Mars origin leader and some people evacuated from their own planet.
They wanted Tennoh to give up his leadership of the Earth
and he finally accepted that.
Instead of the agreement, he got them to build a large castle Izumo-Taisha shrine.
It is facing Japanese sea. "West side" of Japan and a hexagon/turtle shell crest (6).
And the other side of shrine is "Grand shrine of ISE".
Facing pacific ocean. "East side" of Japan and a symbol animal is long tail chicken/Crane.

By the way, Mars was green-full planet but people ruined it by two quantum bombs. Earth might have almost the same future.
Mars / Sphinx / Japan's Emperor

The conflict story about Amatsu and Kunitsu known as Kuni-yuzuri in myth but there is no direct expression of Mars.

"Kagome Kagome"
This old children song is known as a prophecy.
I mean the lyrics are too poetic and mysterious.
According to Ise-hakusan-do, the lyrics was written by Shinto researcher Michinari Arafuka(1871-1953),
but song's origin is far older than his era.

Kagome Kagome
Kago no naka no tori wa itsu itsu deyaru (When will the bird in the basket come out?)
Yoake no ban ni (At dawn)
Tsuru to kame to subetta (Crane and turtle SLIPPED)
Ushiro no shoumen dare? (Who is a front of back?)

In Hebrew language

Kago me Kago me
Kagu ne nakano tori
Iti iti diyu
Ya aka paniiti
Turu kame su-beshita
Ushira shomen dara

Interpretation in Hebrew language's pronunciation is also interesting,
but this song says mainly about big two earthquake in Japan
and next pole shift/geomagnetic reversal.
⇒ Future / 3:6:1 sorting / Pole shift and Miroku world

Hanshin Awaji earthquake 1995 (South-West of Japan)
Touhoku earthquake 2011 (North-East of Japan)
By the way, both terrible earthquakes occurred when traitor government from China and Korea controlled Japan.
Japan was captured by them in many ways.
It does not mean that they used earthquake weapon.
God of Japanese land decided the disasters to protect later Japan.
After the chaos of 2011, Japanese regained true patriotism government in 2012.

In 2013, Japanese two main shrines  ISE jingu group(crane) and IZUMO taisha(turtle) did rebuilding construction.
ISE jingu do re-new construction every 20 years.
⇒ Rebuilding ritual of ISE / Secret of pillars / Top shrine of Japan
IZUMO is 60 years cycle.
Same year constructions were good start for new Japan.

Crane and turtle also mean South and North.
Anyway, opposite things.